Bringing America to my fridge

When anyone opens a fridge they see the necessities.  There is milk, condiments, meat and beer.  Every fridge has the staple beer to be consumed with company, at dinner or while relaxing on the porch.  Beer is something that my fridge is empty and lonely without.

I wanted to keep my fridge full of an American beer, but why would I want to keep Bud or Miller in my fridge?  I relate drinking them to watching Cleveland sports.  If you try to sit through a full one, it will normally end up more painful than enjoyable.  Thus I had to keep my fridge stocked with Dos Equis for the past 2 years and Molson Canadian the years before that.

While visiting my uncle one Thanksgiving I stumbled upon Yuengling.  It was smooth, refreshing and was priced around Bud/Miller.  I didn’t understand how this beautiful American beer had not made it to Ohio.  It frustrated me that West Virgina, Maryland and Florida were all privileged with Yuengling before us.  Then dreams became reality when Yuengling announced it would be available in Ohio.  Billboards lined the streets, bars had count down signs for the date and some bars were throwing parties to celebrate the tapping of the first keg.  In late October, there was another celebration that happened quietly.  Ohioans were able to stock their fridges proudly with an American beer.

The oldest brewery in America arrived and forever changed the interior of my fridge.

Cheers to you Yuengling, my fridge and I welcomed you with open arms.



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