Gluten Free Disaster

My girlfriend and I have jokingly talked about going gluten free for a while now.  I brought it up but also bring it down because I don’t think I can go a month without beer.  I found a gluten free beer in the store and was optimistic about the chance to achieve the goal.  Here is my review of Green’s Amber Ale

I opened the fridge and saw my Anderson’s (a great department store with an amazing beer selection) supply was dwindling.  There is a chipotle porter, a french holiday ale and an amber ale that is gluten free. If I was ever going to become gluten free this was where I had to start.

The label was pretty standard, a circle in the middle of the bottle with the beer style written on the bottom half and the brewery name in a ribbon above the circle.  It’s a product of Belgium and they make some pretty good beer.  If anyone can do gluten free it has to be them. The bottle cap is blue, with nothing on the top.  I pop it off with ease and bring the bottle to my nose.

That smell, I know that smell, but from where?  Ahh yes, I am in an older house.  There are a hundred people yelling, talking and getting wild.  The floor is littered with broken solo cups, empty beer cans and puddles of beer.  That’s it! This beer smells like a college party a couple hours in.  Those were good memories, but not once did I think or say “Damn! This party smells good”.  We are not off to a good start.

I tilt the bottle up and allow the beer to sit on my pallet.  There is an odd thing going on in my mouth.  Why does this beer taste like apple juice?  I didn’t open up apple cider did I?  No, the bottle says amber ale it must just be the appetizer to the great entrée!  I drink it. There it is again, apple juice, but here comes a carbonated aftertaste.  As smooth as he is, Keith Stone does not belong in my amber ale.  I want to spit it back out, but its trapped inside me.  I need to further investigate this before I come to a conclusion.  I take another drink.  I’m no Elliot Stabler but I can close this case.  This gluten free amber ale has an odd smell while combing the tastes of Keystone Light and Apple Juice. It looks like I won’t be going gluten free anytime soon.  I give this beer 1 frosty beer mug (only because I rounded up) out of 5.


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