Anthony from Hoboken

Has anyone else heard about this…  John Calipari has reached a new low in my book, and that is tough because he was already pretty low.  When he was the head coach of the New Jersey Nets and sucked terribly, the Nets faithful used to call in during his afternoon radio show and rip him to shreds.  (An aside, I love passionate fans that give it to their team (coaches and players) straight.)  Calipari had one of his assistants call in to the radio show everyday under the alias of ‘Anthony from Hoboken’ and give props to the coach and back him up.

How insecure of a person do you have to be to actually have a 007 plan to force somebody that you employ to use a fake identity to give you props and make you feel a little bit better about yourself.  Hey Calipari, how about you just win in the NBA to get the fans off your back? Oh wait, you can’t…because everyone gets paid in the NBA!!!!  What a schlub this guy is.  I think it is only a matter of time until we find out that Calipari was paying for Anthony Davis’ eyebrow threading, and this national championship win will be vacated.


2 thoughts on “Anthony from Hoboken

  1. Sippin on some haterade hard man. And they don’t vacate national championships too often, I think this one is sticking, clean or not.

  2. I love this! New Jersey is the 2nd WORST place in the US, behind Pittsburgh in terms of attitude. Everyone hates everyone. I see Calipari as a man bringing the love to the state. I think they could all use som motivation, and if he pays someone to start it let it happen! Also he isn’t the only coach in NCAA who does the one in done. Lets not forget Thad signing Oden, Conley Jr, and Daequan Ccook who led OSU to the national championship in 2007 then went to the NBA. All coaches use this philosophy because they changed the rules to allow it. Calipari is the only one with the balls to say he uses it. The rule is what is terrible, not the person who follows the rules that were set up.

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