Under the Ocean

One thing I love to do is play video games, and I’m sure there are many of you that enjoy this as well.  I am into PC gaming and have a respect for the recent surge of indie games.  Some games are created with 1 or 2 people working out of a basement.  These games provide just as much fun as AAA titles and you have more access to the developers.  Every so often I’ll bring discuss a game I think will be interesting and something worth keeping an eye on.

The first game is Under the Ocean (www.underthegarden.com).  You might wonder why the website for this game is Under the Garden, which is the original game they created.  I recommend giving it a try, it is also free to play.  These games are survival games.  You need to learn how to combine objects and use the environment to stay alive.  It is a side scrolling game so the further horizontal you travel the more there is to explore.

What I love about this game is the promise of having a unique survival experience.  Most modern survival games have the main character fighting hundreds of enemies.  In this game you may be attacked by wild animals, but killing them also means you will have food for the day.  You are in a constant fight, but it is mostly against the environment.

They are offering pre-order for the game, which has no release date now.  Like a lot of indie games they have tiered pricing to work with most budgets.  This only has 2 options $5 or $25.  I like this system because there are some games or developers I believe deserve more than the cheapest price. I can give them a few extra dollars to show I appreciate the game and hope this donation will bring more features.  The cool thing about pre ordering this game is the ability to get your hands on the beta version when it is ready. The beta version is a pre release version the developers use to get feedback from the community about issues and areas they can improve.

While paying money for an indie studio can be risky, I’ve been extremely satisfied with all the products I’ve supported.  I think paying $10 for 5 games where I can follow the development has brought me more satisfaction than $50 for one game, that I can only read development updates from magazines or gaming sites.


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