Greg Williams is the man!

Ok, ok.  So if all of this New Orleans Saints bounty program scandal was not swirling around the interwebs these days, do you think the recording of Greg Williams screaming emotionally at his defensive players the night before the Saints’ playoff game against the 49ers (albeit there is a lot of swearing, and some disturbing things said) would be made such a big deal of?  I don’t.  And I also do no think that the average person understands the mindset of a professional football player.

If you believe that speeches like this one are not eloquently spewed from the mouths of coaches in all football locker rooms (high school, college, and professional), then you just don’t get it.  Now I am not saying that every locker room has a coach that is urging the team to hurt their opponents in very specific detail, but this mindset is a necessity in the game of football.  I would bet in over 80% of football locker rooms the defensive coaches will talk about inflicting pain, busting heads, and knocking players out.  I know it was talked about in my high school locker room and I have a feeling the speeches just get more intense and angry into the College and Professional level.

Football’s main purpose is to inflict pain on the man lining up across from you.  Whether it be a pancake block, a helmet popping hit, or a James Harrison cheap shot, someone is going to get smashed…a touchdown is just a bi-product of which team does the most crushing.

I don’t agree with Greg Williams bounty system, I think it is despicable to actually plan to injure another player and get paid to do it.  I believe he should be suspended indefinitely because he lied multiple times to the commissioner about the bounties.  However, I feel that it is any football players right, duty, and joy to HURT (there is a difference here) as many people as possible when they step out onto the gridiron.

Football is leaning further and further towards a game of protection (QBs, WRs, anyone on the football field who is “defenseless” – if you are defenseless on the football field you should not be on one), rather than a game of hitting, and it makes me sad.

From the man whose brother was told by our father to be ‘Evil, Wicked, Mean, and Nasty’ on the football field, I say to you Greg Williams, cut out the cheap shit, but don’t change your style.  Hopefully one day you can coach the defense of the Buffalo Bills (once the Stache ultimately fails).


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