How do you game?

The age old question that continues to fire up many a gamer in an endless number of nerd-message boards is which is the correct and best way to game?  At the top level, there is console vs. pc.  However, within the console category itself, there is often a war that rages between fanboys of Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo.

This question has recently come to my mind as I mature as a gamer.  In my current state of life, I have almost 0 time to game (this coming from someone who played probably around 30+ hours of video games a week while in middle school – college).  In fact, my PS3 broke due to overplay of Baby Einstein DVDs, and ultimately I was not too upset, nor have I found myself missing my Playstation very much at all.  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?!?!?!  Is it that life has just become too busy?  Is it that I only have one very good TV which I now must fight over with my wife and son?  Is it that the wife and I only have about 90 minutes a day to actually sit and talk with each other? OR…gasp! Is it that I have outgrown videogames?!?!

I actually don’t believe it to be any of the above.  I think I have become bored with console gaming.  I have had a console since the NES that I received when I was 2 years old in exchange for giving up the bottle.  NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Playstation, PS2, PS3, (brother has XBOX and 360), along with a couple variations of gameboys.  I absolutely love my consoles and have spent some ludicrous amount of hours with them, but no console games really excite me anymore…

What does excite me is seeing previews for things like Diablo III…playing free games like League of Legends and RealmOfTheMadGod.  Seeing and hearing about the insane deals for computer games on Steam.  Learning about all of the indie games that are becoming more and more popular which allow a gamer like myself to truly experience a much wider variety of gaming.  And the fact that most popular console games also make their way to PC, but the opposite is not always the case.

This brings me to a point and a question:

1. I am going to build a gaming PC and venture forth into this magnificent world.


Answer the poll, and use the comments to list out your favorite games that you are currently playing, as well as your gamertag for that game/system (if you feel comfortable with this being public knowledge).  Maybe you will one day find Bills453 sneaking up behind you, or throwing a hailmary touchdown against you.


4 thoughts on “How do you game?

  1. I don’t ever have the time to play anymore either. Even if I did its not the same as it was when we all played online together. Those where the days.

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