Kickin’ end to a Kickstarter

What is awesome about the internet and the laws that have changed recently?  The fact that small companies can be backed by the community to create a product some company wouldn’t fund. has become wildly popular on the internet for people trying to get money to create card games, novels, bands and even video games.  My opinion of the best game on kickstarter is Wasteland 2

The kickstarter has finished and brought in a lot of money for the cause.  The game is being created by the people who originally developed and created the first Wasteland.  It is an old school Isometric Turnbased Strategy/RPG.  If it turns out like Fallout 1 or 2, it will be well worth the money.

The neat thing about kickstarter is the consumer pays what they want for the product.  There is only one limit and that limit is the lowest amount you can bid to obtain the full product.  You are welcomed to bid less than that, but you won’t get anything.

Kickstarter has come on strong recently with Double Fine also getting a game funded.  It is bringing back games that are not AAA titles, and only a cult following will support. As long as they support enough both parties win!  An interesting new console is being created and kickstarted… Ouya

This is a console that is trying to have all their games on the free to play model (Free to play, but some items you can buy faster than unlocking) or come with a demo so the players know what they will be getting when they pay. If they can pull this off at $99 it will be very interesting.  The physical specifications of the machine aren’t anything to write home about, it will be the equivalent of gaming on a tablet.  The console will run faster (than a tablet) because it will just be dedicated to the games.  From the sounds of it Minecraft will be available, which is a pretty addicting game.  If they can get some other games to join before launch this will be a cheap alternative to console gaming.

While I have only pointed out gaming related items on Kickstarter, I urge you to go through the site.  There are some other really good causes.  Whether you decided to drop some coin or not, it is interesting to see what people are trying to do or create!


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