The Start of Fall

No, I’m not talking about tripping over a rock and tumbling down a hill breaking every limb.  While I have had many a fall… most memorable was when Cherry speared me into an SUV the same night I met my future wife, ha that is a different story entirely. I’m talking about the second greatest season in the Midwest. The weather is changing, the beer is getting darker, and the sports take it into hyperdrive.

I often look into my fridge and remember the autumn of the past year… Oktoberfest, the Oktoberfest Beers, Maple Nut Browns, and every once in a while a nice Pumpkin Ale.  THIS IS BEER!  It is starting to get dark, but not too dark.  It looks you in the face and dares you to stop at one.  My mouth waters every time I talk about it, but luckily I’m drinking a Tommy KNocker Maple Nut Brown now to welcome the season.  Friends,  if there is one thing you need to do this season… STOCK UP.  When they are gone they won’t come back for a year.

Let’s move on to a more sensitive subject… FOOTBALL!  It is back and so it brings another year of fantasy football.  I might be an addict to the game, which is sad because I lose so much.  I do enjoy every part about it.  Before stat tracker was free on Yahoo I would download the game stats and do the calculations on my computer to see what could happen.  Watching the games is by far the best way to spend a saturday/sunday afternoon.  The Bengals and Buckeyes are both winning games which makes it more entertaining.

Beer, Football and cooler weather… yes almost heaven has arrived and I am so pumped.  I would explain why winter is a better season but that is another post!  All you suckers out there,  I hope to see you with a nice Oktoberfest in your hand.


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