Story Prelude

Amy and I were having a discussion at dinner today and I was explaining to her my idea to write a story.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and have been told by numerous people that I am creative and good at telling stories.  The best example of this I can give was in 8th grade.

We had to write a short store and submit it to the young authors competition.  It was some competition for kids who enjoyed writing stories.  Our teacher made it an assignment to write a story, but tried to push us to write it early so it looked better once we submitted it.  I could have cared less and didn’t write my store until the day before it was due.

My teacher pulled me in about 2 weeks later and told me I would have won the competition for our region of Kentucky if it had been proof read and the grammar was fxed.  I didn’t really care but thought it was pretty cool other people liked my story.  Since then I have always thought about writing a short story or something because I have some crazy things that go through my head.  Amy pushed me to create some stories so I am going to try to do that on this blog post.  Hopefully any one who views this page will enjoy them.  I’ll start my first story on Sunday the 14th of October and try to write something to it at least once a week.


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