Drawn to Magic Part 3

“Ha! Christian, you and that Stil!  I’ll buy you one someday to make up for it. I’ve got something I have to show you.” If I had a coin for everytime Arnold offered to buy me a drink because he ruined mine I could afford an endless supply.

Arnold is my best friend.  He is almost the opposite of me with his positive attitude and willingness to try something new.  He spends a lot of time trying to create new spells that could help the Dramti, but that just turns out in him never having any money.

“Arnold.  Ugh.  You don’t know what I went through to get money for that.  I had been working on this spell and it blew up in my face.  Look at my legs.  Have you ever lost a fight to 10 pigmit?”

“Ha, never!  I just find a tree and climb it.  Then I use your V-uillotine move and slice them up from a distance.  Anyway, you have to come with me I have something you need to see.”

Arnold was always smarter under pressure than me.  How did I not think to climb a tree? Pigmits can’t climb. NOW I FEEL EMBARASSED.  Arnold did always know how to get me to do things I didn’t want to do, and more importantly I had fun when I did them with him.

“Ok, since I don’t have anything to drink I’ll follow you”  I say as I stand up.

We walk out of the tavern and down the road a bit.  On the way Arnold starts up conversation, “What is the most annoying thing in this world, Christian?”

“I don’t know Arnold. Pigmits are high on my list right now.”
“No, It’s something you have to do.  Something that you never stop doing.”
“I have no idea.  Feeling worthless?  Are you going to show me a job?” I say as a joke.  The last thing Arnold would show me is a job.

“Ha.  No. We are far enough out.  I’ve created a spell that might spark your creative genius.  It isn’t huge, but maybe it will give you faith in searching for creating new spells.”

Arnold stops walking and draws a circle into the air.  He is grinning more than I have seen a person smile in years.  His pale skin reflects the sun and almost blinds me.  I cover the shine and ask, “What are you talking about Arnold.  I’m not going to jump through a hoop for you.”

He looks at me and laughs.  He stands with the circle’s circumference perpendicular to his chest.  He puts the palms of his hands together in the center of the circle, so the circle is around both hands.  His fingers then go into a pinching motion and he pulls them apart.  He has now created a bubble. Ok, now I am impressed.  That is pretty neat.

“Take off your shirt and exhale into my hand.”

“Arnold, what are you talking about?”

“Just do it Christian.  It will be worth it.”

I listen to him.  I take off my shirt, and after I throw it to the ground I exhale into his hand.  He clinches his fist and punches his hand into the bubble.  He releases his fist and gives me a look.  “Now, Christian, inhale deeply.”

As I start to inhale he takes a step towards me, pulling his hand back and then slams his hand on my chest and the bubble absorbs into my body.


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