Test my Personality

Who here has taken a personality test?  I know I’ve taken my fair share, and always enjoy it when I do.  I don’t take those goofy ones like What Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are you or What smell would you be coming from a dumpyard.  I do take the ones that are a little more in depth and normally serve a purpose.

Most of the purpose is for job applications or work.  Everyone wants to see where you fit personality wise but not much more is done with it.  I’ve taken countless tests trying to figure out what type of person I am and it’s always fun to see what generic response they have fits you.  Most of them you say “That’s so me” or “That is kind of me buuuuut not really”.

Who am I?  From all these tests my biggest qualities are socialable and an inclusive.  I like the inclusive one, and when I saw that it caught me off guard.  Then I started thinking back to college when I would be at parties having a blast with my friends, but see someone standing alone because his friends left him there.

There are lot of people who look at them and think,  Why is that person alone who brought him?  I am the exact opposite.  My thought process, “Who left that person alone, it wasn’t very nice so I’ll try to bring him in to the party.  And I did this for a bunch of people I met in college.  I felt bad when I would see this person on the street a month or year later and not remember them as they would come talk to me, but I never showed it.  I enjoyed making other people happy for a night.

I recently took a new personality quiz and another quote made me think about myself.  It said you I was very successful, but never wanted to fully apply myself to move ahead.  I laughed to myself because Amy told me that exact quote about my High School Self.  Then I realized it was true in more ways than that.  In grade school, I opted out of playing on the “A” team in basketball, because I wanted to have more fun.  I opted out of going into some honors classes because I wanted to be with other friends.

The most recent instance is the new job I’ve taken. I got out of consulting because I didn’t want to travel and was given more responsibilities than I wanted.  I didn’t want to be the International Retail Lead.  While that would have been great for my career, I wanted to be home and relaxing.  I decided to take an industry job hoping for things to slow down.  And like so many times before,  something happened and now I have been given more responsibility and a chance to move up if I perform well.

In high school soccer I wanted to play defense, but when the goalie decided he didn’t want to do it I stepped in and took over.  When our consulting firm signed a big new client where no one had experience, I stepped in and took control.  Now, unintentionally, I will step into this role and see how it goes. I think I am up for the task, but have to laugh because the personality test hit the hammer on the nail this time.

My two biggest flaws?  Ah, something I forgot to mention.  I would definitely agree with unorganized.  I am working on that, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be like Amy.  The other I also agree with, avoids conflict/confrontation.  I’m a please, and that is evident.  I try not to bring it on and if it is there I try to reduce it to those around me.  Life is about living, man.

I know there aren’t many people that read this, but what are some traits on these personality tests that make you think about yourself?

Will I ever strive to be better?  I’ll let my personality tell you…. I could, but that would be more work and I’m having too much fun now.


One thought on “Test my Personality

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever taken any good personality tests. That is for imaginary engineers. Yours definitely seems to have been spot on though, do you have a link to the test?

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