Drawn to Magic Part 5

“Well, there really isn’t much we can do Christian.  We can go in to space, buuuuuuuut then again we can’t fly.  OOOOORRRRRR we could finally go into the water and not worry about drowning.  I don’t know, your call.”  Arnold loved to give me attitude, but it was fine.  This was awesome, and I was feeling alive.

He referred to us finally being able to go into the water because we sink… hard and fast.  We can go in water up to our neck, but if we go deep we have to fight our way to air.  Most people have left water alone, because we have never been able to go into it and explore.  This opportunity was unique, we could the first to go into the water.

“I know you care. Help me. I’m begging you” That little yellow fairy… how dare she come back at such an important and monumental occasion.  I spotted her instantly and grabbed her.

“CHRISTIAN?!?! What are you doing? Let that fairy go, she is asking for help.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to at least hear her out.” He grabbed the fairy from my hands and released her into the air.

“Thank you! Your friend is a real jerk!”  The fairy said with an evil glare in my direction.  The only thing I could think to do back was stick my tongue out.  It felt weird because I could wrap her in my tongue and eat her like a bar snack.  Man,  I could use some more Stil!  I bet she would taste good with it also.

“No problem.  He means well, but he isn’t very good at doing what he means.  How can we help you?” I wanted to punch Arnold in the face.  I didn’t want to help this fairy.  The last thing I needed was to go on some crazy adventure and fight beasts that could tear me in half.  I guess I had to tag along, but could always run away… although that didn’t work to well with the pigmits.

“Follow me. Our castle has been attacked.  We need someone to save it.”  As soon as she stopped talking she started flying into the woods.

“Arnold, I’ve never been into the woods.  What are you thinking?  They tell people to stay out because of the evils inside.”

“Chill man.  This fairy needs us and we are more than capable of helping it.  If you get too scared run back home, but I will never let you live it down.” He was already leaving me behind as he started to follow the fairy.

Great, I’m in the woods and have no idea where I am.  I am probably 10 minutes away from being eaten by a huge creature I’ve never seen before.  The worst part is, Arnold just showed me some awesome spell and I can’t take advantage of it.  This fairy better not lead us astray, I’ve already shown her the boot and the club.  I don’t know if she can handle what would be next.

“There…. That log landed on our castle when that animal ran into it.  Most of my fairies are trapped inside” I had no idea what she was talking about.  There was a log laying on the ground and a… A PIGMIT next to it. Whatever castle they had was destroyed because there was no sign of anything under the log.  All I know is I’m going to destroy this pigmit.

“Step back Arnold, I have this one.” I said with supreme confidence.

The pigmit was asleep leaning on the log.  This was perfect.  I have plenty of time to draw out my anvil hammer again.  It will work this time.  I slowly walk to animal, careful not to wake it.  When I get within reach I begin drawing the anvil hammer as I did before.  The stick looks better than the first time, the anvil is the best one I’ve drawn and they connect perfectly.  This time I’m going to destroy this pigmit.  I grab the handle and swing it around my head, and like the last time it is a thing a beauty.  Here it come…. WHAT THE HELL!>?!  I hit a rock and it slams 10 feet into the ground.

I turn back at Arnold and he is laughing harder than I’ve ever seen him laugh.  “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU.”  As I turn back around the pigmit is scurrying deep into the woods. “Why did you do that?  I WANT TO KILL A PIGMIT WITH THAT!”

“HAHAHAHAH, Oh man the look on your face… Priceless.  That was some impressive hammer you have, but seriously we are here for the log not pigmit.  Draw a lasso around the bottom of the log and I’ll draw one at the top.  Then on 3 lets whip this log on outta here.”

We’ve moved logs before so this was nothing new.  We each draw a lasso around the log and whip it somewhere else.  It is very useful when you are moving logs or in this case saving a castle… I draw my lasso and grab the end then wait for his word.

“One… Two…. THREEEEEEEEEEEE” He said as we both whipped the log deep into the woods.

As I looked at the ground I could not believe my eyes.


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