Alert the Porter, There’s a Shipment of Blueberries

After reading John’s beer review, I thought it had been too long since my last beer review.  Oh man, I found a good place to start.

I was in Anderson’s today, patrolling the beer section, when the associate asked me if I needed help.  I told him flat out, “I want to more stout and porters, something smooth.” He gave me a smile and told me he had just the beer.  After about 4 steps we had arrived at this 22 oz Blue Labeled bottle.  “Shipyard Smashed Blueberry Porter”! Interesting, but what is it?  A hybrid between a scottish ale and a porter… or so the bottle says.

I unwrap the gold aluminum from the top and pop off the top.  As I bring the bottle to my nose I can smell the blueberries from afar. I close my eyes and imagine a blueberry bush in front of me.  The sun is beating softly on my skin.  I put my hand out to feel the berries, and open my eyes.  Oh Right. I’m in ohio and it is overcast and cold, but this beer will warm me up.

I take my first drink and hold it in my mouth.  As I breathe I can taste the blueberries.  Wow, this has to extremely fruity.  As I swallow, I am reminded this isn’t a fruit drink.  The full bodied liquid has a strong coffe and roast taste to it.  It was almost as though there were two different drinks, a pre fruity drink and a post porter drink.

I put my thumb over the top and fliped it to mix up the tastes, which was not the smartest idea.  The beer fizzed and I had to chug some of it.  When it settled I went back to tasting.  The tastes combined a little, but was still mostly separate. It’s like the blueberry taste stays in my mouth, but the porter taste lingers in my throat.  It may be odd but I like it!

At 9% A/V and 22 oz.  this could get the party started.  As I drink the bottle, I am continually reminded of the separation of taste.  If you want a fruity beer, I wouldn’t start with this one.  If you want a porter, this probably isn’t your best bet.  But if you want to try something different, this is a great place to start.  You won’t be disappointed by the fruitiness of the porterness, they mix very well and create a unique taste that I enjoyed the whole way through.

I give this a 4 frosty beer mugs out of 5.


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