Music of the Holidays!

Hell Yes! Christmas music is back, and it is awesome. Who doesn’t love the classic tracks from Mariah, NSYNC, Wham, and even Leroy the Redneck Reindeer. I know I’m pumped. In my glass is a cup of Evan William’s Egg Nog. The weather is dropping like birds in a fireworks show, and lights are being put up all over the place. Life is good.

Does anyone else agree this is the best season? Dark heavy beers, cookies, stockings, killing trees for decoration and black snow on the side of the street bring nothing but smiles to me! I could sit inside all day staring at at the snow covered scenery (when there is snow covered scenery). It just feels right being next to a fire while it is cold outside.

We all know I like all seasons, because I like almost everything except olives, fish, and LA… but there is only one time of year you can love! Flannel is the perfect shirt for any occasion, and if anyone disagrees they don’t know anything. You get to spend more time with the family and celebrate my birthday! Unfortunately, it might be the last one we will ever celebrate. I know there has been speculation that the Mayans were wrong… I think they just had a really frickin’ good party and said, “Let’s say the world will end so other people will party like us one day in the future.” Those Mayans were always thinking!

Driving in the snow? Sign me up! Let’s go to an empty lot and do some donuts. Reindeer sausage is delicious and can be found in Alaska. Candy canes get sticky after you get them wet, so they are a perfect prank. Man, winter!

All I can say is let’s do this! I need the snow and I need it now. Happy Holidays ya’ll


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