Running a New Hobby

One thing I always questioned was how people enjoyed running.  I couldn’t wrap my head around how people would just run miles and miles.  I could barely run a mile, but always chose to use the elliptical because it provided other entertainment.   It made cardio more enjoyable in my mind.

A couple of us are going to run the tough mudder next year, and it prompted me to start doing more cardio training.  I have also started running more.  I recently started running 4 miles a couple of times a week and am surprised at how much I enjoy it.  While I’m not entertained in the way I am with a tv screen in front of me, I am entertained by the competitive spirit with myself.

Every mile I run I hit the lap button to see how fast I completed it.  When I drop below the time I want, I know it’s time to pick up the pace.  I am always trying to beat my previous time.  I have been doing this with my 1, 2 and 3 mile times.  Eventually moving up to another mile to add endurance.  It has become a great competition with myself to get in better shape.

On the days I don’t run the mile I do short sprints.  I’ll sprint/run for 1/4 a mile, walk a bit, run for another 1/4 a mile, walk again and continue the cycle until I do 3 or so miles.  This has been even more of a challenge.  I try to keep a consistent pace, while resting for a short period of time (45 secondsish).  I have finished a couple 1/4 miles where I’ll need to catch myself because I am so tired.  It has become something I actually enjoy as opposed to something I always dreaded/wondered how people did it.

This has come with a false sense of diet security.  While I’m burning these excess calories I’m also consuming way more calories than I should.  This bites me in the but when I don’t see any improvement in my weight…. At least I am running more, so it is better for my heart.

If you have never run or couldn’t see yourself doing it… try it, make it a competition.  You don’t have to worry about much, other than the goals you set for yourself.  Even if you don’t make them in the time you want, it is still healthy to get out and start it! Plus you can drink more beer if you run more!


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