Amarillo – De Molen (not by Morning)

I picked up 2 of these beers my last trip down to Kentucky. THe sign in the store said they were highly rated so I picked 2 very different tastes… this one is an Imperial IPA. Since I have to work at 8 am on a Saturday I figured I could at least do some beer tastings. Let’s see if it was worth it’s $8 (for a 12 oz bottle) price tag.

I normally don’t use a glass, but figuring this one was expensive i decided to use a sifter. The beer pours well but leaves a distinct smell. It has hints of caramel in it, but is powerful. When I pull it away from my face it reminds me of leaving a swimming pool. The way chlorine stays in your nose as you walk away. I can feel the beer in my nose as a pull it away.

As I watch, it bubles like a witch’s brew. There are small bubles coming to the top, but just sitting on ths surface not popping. The beer looks thick for an Imperial IPA. It is also very hazy for an IPA.

As I pull it towards my face, that smell hits me again and it is not pleasant. I might have used a wrong glass, because I don’t think anyone is going to want to smell this as they drink it. At 9.2% I can taste the alcohol more than I would like. The more I swallow, the more i feel it coming up through the sides of my cheeks, making them aware of their surroundings. It isn’t bitter, it is smooth. No grapefruit taste, which a lot of IPAs use and I have grown to dislike.

The beer is thick, really thick almost like Nyquil or a syrup. The taste lingers too, which brings more of the IPA taste. I can’t quite put my finger on the main taste, but then again maybe it’s something I have had.

Overall – If you can get this beer for 3 bucks for a bottle, it’s worth a try to see if you like the style. I would never recommend it at the price I paid. Netherlands… I hope your next one is better.

I give this 3 frosty beer mugs out of 5

3 beers


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