Drawn to Magic Part 6

The ground turned from mossy green to highlighter orange. It started bubbling fast and then the whole ground started shaking. This is wild. I had to grab my mouth before it fell to the ground. I slap Arnold on the back, “Are you seeing this??”

Arnold was too stunned to even utter a word, but I knew he was thinking the same thing as me. What the hell is happening? As the bubbles and ground rose, shapes began to form. It had to be 15 feet by 15 feet, this was massive. The first things to form were conical spire. 4 of them at the corners of the orange. The higher it grew the more I could see what it was becoming. Windows, a flat base and 2 sides while the top was rounded. Crenelation started to form on the walls, this was a CASTLE.

By the time the castle was as tall as my midsection hundreds of windows had been created. As soon as the windows were tall enough, thousands of fairies started flying out. “Uhhh, Christian…. WHERE THEY TRAPPED THERE?”

“I have no idead. Fairy, what is going on here?” as I say this a large door appears at the front of the castle. It has now reached my shoulders, and somehow that defies reason a moat popped up.

“This is our castle my friends. Impenetrable from the ground, and a defense mechanism from attacks from the air. When there is danger the castle and everything inside it shrinks into the ground. The log fell on the ground as we were hiding, and I was the only one out of the castle. I am thankful for your help.”

“IMPENETRABLE!? yea right.” I take off running towards the castle because it looks like a large balloon. As I jump at the castle I am immediately thrown back 5 feet to the ground. I can hear Arnold laughing behind me…. ugh. “OK, so it can withstand me running into it. Not exactly a force to be reckoned with. Now, we helped you so do we get anything for it?”

“Christian, man, chill out. We did our good act for the day, we don’t need anything.”

“No, he is right. We owe you two. I have friends you will want to meet and we will pledge ourselves to you two.” She spoke as she flew into the castle out of our sight.

“Christian, come on man. Let’s get out of here, I don’t want anything for helping them.” He started walking away after he spoke.

“WTF DUDE?! I want something. I don’t have any money in case you forgot. I do see your point though, what good is a bunch of fairy followers. Let’s go to the water and try that spell you learned and bring some satisfaction to the day.”

As we walked we noticed it was becoming dark. Dark waters are never good, but we survived saving a castle of fairies. Can anything stop us now?!


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