A Dream Come True

The sun beat down on his body like Ali against a Frazier. He took his hat off to wipe away some sweat, but noticed the hat was already soaked. He couldn’t remember a day as hot as this one or was it his age and his body not able to withstand the elements. He flicked his hat hoping it would breath and put it back on his head. The tractor fired up easily, 20 years and he had no problems starting it. While he was making a turn he saw something far off in the sky.

He sat there for a minute. The clouds slowly started to appear and move through the sky. He was looking for a sign or a pattern. The one thing he knew how to predict was the weather.

He had spent his young adult life investing hours and hours into weather patterns and how they were controlled by aliens. He thought if he could learn them well enough, he might be able to meet the aliens and become friends with them. He lost touch with family and friends because of his passionate beliefs that he tried to pass along to anyone he knew. If no one wanted to listen or try to understand, he didn’t want to have anything to do with them. It isolated him from everyone except his late wife, who convinced him to buy a farm so he could do research away from non-believers.

The clouds were moving faster and they were headed towards him, he was holding out hope this was his chance. He knew this was going to be one hell of a storm, but had a lot of work to do to secure his property. He steered the tractor to the barn and drove as fast as he could.

He was greeted by a strong wind as he pulled up to the barn. The storm was still miles away, but the temperature was dropping. It felt good against his clothes, it was the first time he felt cool in days. He turned off the tractor and ran into the barn. He spent most of his free time in the barn because it was where he stored his research.

He walked to the table and quickly grabbed all his notes and diagrams. He looked at the pictures trying to match what he saw to his research with no luck. Defeated, he put the information in a safe and locked it. He went back outside to check the progress of the storm. It was close, and it was big.

He ran to his cattle fence to open the door. Lady, his prize cow, was there waiting for him. He grew to love that animal, and took to it like Travis and Old Yeller. If there was one thing he wanted to protected along with his research it was Lady. He quickly opened the door and lady slowly walked beside him. She knew something was wrong, and followed him to the barn.

He led Lady into his bedroom in the barn, where she would be comfortable. There was some hay that would make for a nice resting spot. She was staring at him as he walked over to her, “Be good Lady. The storm will be over soon and who knows, maybe we will see some aliens!” He kissed her on the head and walked out of the bedroom.

The barn started to shake with the wind, so he headed to the door to latch it. The latch was old and it was hard to set up. He pulled it down but it got caught in his overalls, and he was momentarily stuck. As he turned his head to think of a way to maneuver off the latch he saw half his barn rip away from the ground. He tried to fight and reach his hands out to stop it, but he was unable to stop Lady and his research from disappearing into the funnel of wind.

He stayed there motionless as the storm passed. All his hopes had been blown away with that storm, and he didn’t know if he had any strength left. He let out one large exhale out of depression, and fell to the ground breaking free from the latch. Filled with anger he grab the latch and ripped it off of the barn, throwing it in the first direction he could. Unfortunately, he threw it directly into the urn of his late wife.

He walked over to the broken urn with tears in his eyes. He lost the control in his legs and hit the ground with his knees. It was almost 5 years ago that his wife was under a tree when lightening struck it. The weight of the branch trapped and suffocated her. He stared at the sky wondering why this was happening to him, what did he do that deserved this. The clouds started to break and the sunshine caught his helmet. His wife had bought him everything he asked for one Christmas, so he would be able to have a helmet that would help the aliens know he wanted to meet.

“All my life I believed in this, in this CRAP.” he said as he grabbed his hat. “There ain’t aliens. There ain’t patterns. This crap cost me my family, my love, my Lady. URRGHH…” he threw the helmet to the ground and stomped on it. He didn’t know why but it was relieving some of the anger.

The wind started back up and the clouds covered the sky. He had nothing left to fight this storm, so he just sat down. He closed his eyes hoping it would destroy him like it did his family. His anger blocked out the sound and touch of the storm.

When he opened his eyes he was on a strange table he had never seen before. He felt groggy, and lost. His eyes searched his surroundings and couldn’t find anything that he could recognize. He was tied down, and unable to move as he tried to fight free. When he realized he was stuck he searched around with his eyes again. He was able to spot something moving towards him with a knife like item in his hand.

He tried to focus, but his eyes were old and he wasn’t able to make out anything other than it was tall, lanky and had 3 arms. IT WAS AN ALIEN. He was right, they were out there. Knowing this allowed him to relax, he felt his life was now complete. He smiled at the alien as it slowly closed his eyes. When the knife hit his skin he uttered his last words, “Thank You.”


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