A Taste of Diversity

It was a dark night, but the weather was perfect. 70 degrees with no breeze and the stars were showing up by the millions. Small translucent clouds moved through the sky quickly, but it just added to the mood. A perfect night for a walk.

He honestly didn’t know why he was out for a walk; it was like nature had grabbed him and put him there. His name was Gifford, but his friends called him Squish. He was as pale as the moon, chubby, and full of love and laughter so he embraced it. He grew up in a large family, and they were always together. They were close, a very loving family that seemed to always be hugging each other. He was proud of his past and his present, but didn’t know what the future held. Maybe that’s why he was on this walk, trying to find something different.

The moon slowly rose to the top of the sky, giving some light over scenery. You could hear the leaves rustle softly and the running of water in the background. He kept walking and lost his attention to the sky, when he ran into her.

Her name was Mocha and similar to him, she felt uncontrollably attracted to nature this night. She was slender and her skin smooth and dark like Nutella, anyone who laid their eyes on here couldn’t resist her. She had a sweetness about her that people picked up on instantly. Her family wasn’t as close. She sometimes felt like there was a wall between herself and her family members growing up. Maybe that’s what brought her out tonight, she wanted to find something to love.

She looked up into his eyes, and he into hers, and in an instant they knew they were destined for each other. It was a feeling neither of them had felt before, their first touch was an accident but one that seemed to shake the earth beneath them. He was nervous and shy, so he turned his head to avoid being creepy. She was confident and smiled at him, something just felt right. They began to exchange words, words that seemed to flow like a river. Neither of them knew where the conversation would lead, and they liked it that way.

He was soft and romantic the way he spoke to her. She didn’t know what it was but she could feel the temperature rising and said, “You’re words. It’s like they are melting me. I can’t handle it.”

He was caught off guard, but her words were strong and powerful making him feel independent and masculine. He knew things were heating up so he responded, “You make me feel strong and excited. Your words it’s as though my emotions and my body is on fire.”

There was silence for a brief second as they gazed into each others eyes. When they exhaled they grabbed each other passionately. Their bodies were combining and they were losing control. They fell to the ground and rolled down a small hill until they landed in the perfect place for their love. They were on between two logs that seemed to have been part of the same tree at one point. Some force of nature must have broken the tree into the perfect resting spot for the couple.

The ground shook. It almost felt like there was no gravity, but there was because the logs rolled on to the couple trapping them. They were stuck to each other, and between the logs. They weren’t sure this is how the night was supposed to go, and became scared of the situation. They found comfort in knowing they were still next to someone special.

A noise in the distance drew the couples attention to it. They couldn’t make out what it was, but it was coming towards them. They couldn’t move and started screaming, but they were so far from anything nothing would hear them. They held each other, and tried to hide under the logs as much as they could, but it was no use the what ever was coming had already seen them. In one swoop a fourth of their body had been ripped off. They held each other crying, they had only just found their destiny.


“Dad, this is delicious. It’s like the chocolate and marshmallow had an immediate connection, I think nature gave me this s’more!”


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