A Life Wasted Away

I’m comfortable.  I know what is coming, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  I am motionless. Waiting. He holds my life in his hands. He doesn’t seem to be in any hurry, and I can’t force him to do anything.  If I could I would fly away from here, fly away from this life I’ve lived. 

I feel another lost soul right next to me.  Was she doomed from the beginning like I was? Is she thinking the same things I am?  When life hands you a hot plate you can’t help but touch it.  What plate did she touch that has her here next to me?

It doesn’t matter, I can’t speak to her.  I can’t plead my case. I can’t beg for an extended chance.  He peels off my mask, to let me see my final moments.  Part of me wishes he didn’t.  I don’t want to know how it goes.  But I am horrified to see my fate is water.  A long drawn out process… I guess I deserved this.  I couldn’t get out of this life.

He is finally ready, and I’m tense.  I thought I could take this, but no one wants to go.  Not now at least.

I’m falling. Down. Down. Down.  The fall feels like it is eternity.  My body spinning, my eyes watching.  Nothing seems appropriate for my final view, until she comes into it.  Our eyes meet. Beautiful. I feel like our beings were connected or created together.  Only now do I get to see her.  I close my eyes, because I can end with that.

My back hits the water and I start sinking.  I can’t stop it now. It’s cold. Lonely.  I feel it coming slowly.  The end.  My mind growing weaker. My body feels like it is melting away.  I try to glimpse at her, but it’s too late.  She is gone. I close my eyes one last time. I wonder how many souls have been lost this way before me or how many will after me.  I can feel my ghost cloud the water as I slowly drift away into a warm welcoming.

“Mmm, nothing like Alka-Seltzer for my stomach, right honey?”


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