The Greatest Week of All

It has recently come to my attention that this is indeed the greatest week of all.  Many of you who are not ‘in the know’ are probably wondering to yourselves, What?…PARDON?!? This obscure, off the beaten path seven day string in the middle of May has no importance whatsoever.  No holidays, no national days of work, this gentleman must have lost his proper mind.

PSHAW I say to you!  Let me enlighten you as to what makes this the most wonderful time of the year.

Sunday, May 12th, 2013 – Mother’s Day

What a wonderful day for the most important women in our lives.  Whether they be our own mums, our wives, sisters with kids, women friends with kids, mothers all over the nation get to celebrate with this day made just for them.  After becoming a parent, I am of the belief that there should be not just a mother’s and father’s day, but perhaps a mother’s and father’s week.  During this week, the parent whom is celebrating gets to do whatever they please and have 0 children responsibilities unless said parent wants them. I hope you all took the time to let your mother know how important she is to you.

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 – My Birthday

Friday, May 17th – Sunday, May 19th – MAN WEEKEND



Man Weekend.  Man Weekend! MAN WEEKEND!  Man Weekend is a camping trip to the middle of nowhere, KY.  It is in between Falmouth and Berry where Aaron’s grandpappy owns a bajillion acres of land.  During Man Weekend this land is overrun by all that is man.  Drinks are drank, cigars are smoked, frogs are gigged, memories are made, and Man Weekend bonds of brotherhood are forged stronger than that of The One Ring.  This is quite possibly my favorite weekend of the year, every year, and it is this weekend!  This is our fifth consecutive Man Weekend, the event originally started as my bachelor party.

Monday, May 13th – Sunday, May 19th – American Craft Beer Week

Oh craft beer…the nectar of the gods. Craft beer means so many things to so many people; it’s a past time, a hobby, a delicious beverage, an eye-opener, an art form, a science, a lively hood, and so much more to so many people around the United States and the world.  This week is the time to celebrate those who broke out of the chains of Coors, Anheuser-Busch, Miller, etc. way back in the 70’s and 80’s and really started what is now the craft beer boom that we are experiencing.  I thank my lucky stars that I did not have to grow up in a society in which the only beer I would be able to buy at the store was Budweiser, Coors, and Miller.  I intend to support some of my favorite craft breweries this week, many from Ohio.  Probably my favorite brewery in the world resides in my own state in Cleveland…Great Lakes Brewing Company.  If you haven’t tried their offerings, they are a must.

And so now you know why this week is so glorious.  Go out, help me celebrate, grab yourself a craft beer and cheers to somebody sitting next to you!



Minivan Man

Yes, it is indeed true.  What you gather from the title is now listed within my repertoire and resume of life, I AM MINIVAN MAN! (Ozzy)

With the family expanding and the 80lb being as massive as ever, it became blatantly obvious that the 2004 Saturn Ion and 2008 Honda Civic just weren’t going to cut it any longer.  We had to add a tank member to our team, and with additions come sacrifices.  Our trusty girl, Carmen as she was named, was traded in for the new purchase.  You helped greatly in one final moment of glory little gold 2004 Saturn, you were a good car; you just did not have enough junk in the trunk to suffice our needs.  So we move forth into the future!  Gold Ion becomes 2010 Chrysler Town & Country – BLACK!  BLACK AS NIGHT!

Now I know you’re all thinking that minivans are the worst and I am here to tell you, you are incorrect!  Minivans have power, and I’m not just talking about that of horses.  They transform us from just another idiot on the road to an idiot who somehow has procreated.  I do not believe that I know of, or will ever meet, a person who was not a parent and owned a minivan.  In fact, when filling out the paperwork at CarMax (very good experience by the way) there was a checkbox for an agreement/disclaimer that read something like, ‘By checking the preceding box, you are confirming to this dealership and society that you do indeed have offspring.  The sale of any type of van of the miniature variety will not be completed to any person who has not entered parenthood’.

So, with this being understood, you can all see that the minivan is just another badge of honor on my Parenthood sash.  The beats be bumpin with all the speakers, the seats disappear into the floor! MAGIC!  Just know that I will be laughing at you the next time you’re trying to move a couch or mattress in your 4 door, suckers!


Brew Review of Heady-Topper by The Alchemist

Beer Review –

I realize I haven’t done a review on here in some time, but I have been reviewing on my own.  I will try to put some of my more recent reviews up here, and continue posting reviews in the future.  The format I use is that of Beeradvocate, which I am a member of so if you would like to follow me on beeradvocate just let me know.  This quick review is of Heady-Topper brewed by The Alchemist.  It is one of the best representation of hops in a beer I have ever had, and I have tried my fair share of Pale Ales, Strong Ales, etc.

The Alchemist – Heady Topper (American Double / Imperial IPA), reviewed 10/28/2012

Serving Type: can

Appearance: can art is awesome. The dood’s head is exploding hops!!!

Smell: I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to smell the full aroma through the can, but I can! A lot of hops filling my nose through this small can hole.

Taste: Really does live up to all the hype for me, an amazing representation of hops in this beer.

Mouthfeel: Great

Overall: Very very good. I hope everyone has a chance to try this beer.

BA Score, 100 – world-class

Rating: 5/5