That Meyer Magic

Being a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Vikings, I was really able to relate to this post:

The synopsis is more or less, that it is kind of nice, yet rare, to have that team you know you can count on.  The Cavs and Browns (and Vikings) all have historically let you down, and when things are bad, you kind of are conditioned to wait for the other shoe to drop.  When things are good, you’re still nervous and self conscious about some flaw or another.  I am so relieved that here in the heart of it all, we Ohio State fans have one of the few teams that fortune almost always favors, a group of guys who know history is on their side, and a fanbase with the confidence to be cocky and aloof when good.

Here, I just want to pay a little tribute to a man who gave me the only championship experience in my fanhood lifetime, Jim Tressel. Sure, he had some odd views on punts and ultimately could have ended his tenure in a better fashion, but so could have Woody Hayes, and that man is a legendary great.  So is Tressel. End of story.  The man was the embodiment of the confidence to be classy and aloof.  In a rising tide of spread offense, Tressel knew THE Ohio State University didn’t need to pay heed to the winds of innovation and incorporate the spread and hurry up; he can eschew any new fad, play three yards and a could of dust, dominate the Big Ten, and put OSU in consistent title talk.  Crazy blitz schemes to generate big pays? Not when you can play sound, boring, stifling D.  And all the advance stats in the world could never convince the man that THE Ohio State University should not always punt on 4th and 2.

And you know what? He was right! And it was awesome!  That kind of swagger to plug your ears, follow your gut, and ram your philosophies down others throats is the kind of thing only the greats can do.  Ohio State and Tressel are the two of greats here for many in the Midwest. And I think I can confidently forecast Urban Meyer joining that soon.

That was the best part of watching the Indiana game. Getting to here the swagger story of Meyer telling Guitton “Go win this game” and Guitton doing just that. We won by the skin of our teeth, to INDIANA!  But I ain’t mad atcha coach. You reminded me that we buckeyes fans can always count on things tending to work out for us, that we can sit back, relax, and wait for good things to happen. If that was a Cavs or Browns or Vikings team putting a great season on the line to some scrub, there is no way I don’t turn the game off in disgust with 3 minutes left.  Even last season, with Luke Fickell, the Buckeyes clearly didn’t have the same feel. But through the first 7 games, we were all building up the case that Meyer was bringing us back to the world class confidence.  When our backup QB Kenny G played that sick jazz concert on the last drive, I was convinced. Same old Buckeyes, the only fan base I can say that about when they are having their way.

Yesterday I watched OSU struggle badly through the first half against a hot and incredibly motivated Penn state team playing with only the blind race to a division title to numb the pain of some pretty horrific months they’ve endured. We were playing in one of the most hostile environments I’ve ever been able to identify on a TV screen. I never faltered in knowing we would take care of business.  The second half started with OSU LB Ryan Shazier’s pick six, more quick scoring, and the new Urban Meyer version of the Same Old Buckeyes.


Ohio State University Marching Band – The Best Damn Band In The Land

So, many a person around the earth has already seen this video of the halftime show during the Nebraska vs. Ohio State game on 10/6/2012.  It is two of my most favorite hobbies and past times wrapped up into one 15 minute sequence of awesomeness.  The combination of classic video games and THE Ohio State University Marching Band is one that must have been thought up of in dream land…Kirby’s Dream Land!

The Start of Fall

No, I’m not talking about tripping over a rock and tumbling down a hill breaking every limb.  While I have had many a fall… most memorable was when Cherry speared me into an SUV the same night I met my future wife, ha that is a different story entirely. I’m talking about the second greatest season in the Midwest. The weather is changing, the beer is getting darker, and the sports take it into hyperdrive.

I often look into my fridge and remember the autumn of the past year… Oktoberfest, the Oktoberfest Beers, Maple Nut Browns, and every once in a while a nice Pumpkin Ale.  THIS IS BEER!  It is starting to get dark, but not too dark.  It looks you in the face and dares you to stop at one.  My mouth waters every time I talk about it, but luckily I’m drinking a Tommy KNocker Maple Nut Brown now to welcome the season.  Friends,  if there is one thing you need to do this season… STOCK UP.  When they are gone they won’t come back for a year.

Let’s move on to a more sensitive subject… FOOTBALL!  It is back and so it brings another year of fantasy football.  I might be an addict to the game, which is sad because I lose so much.  I do enjoy every part about it.  Before stat tracker was free on Yahoo I would download the game stats and do the calculations on my computer to see what could happen.  Watching the games is by far the best way to spend a saturday/sunday afternoon.  The Bengals and Buckeyes are both winning games which makes it more entertaining.

Beer, Football and cooler weather… yes almost heaven has arrived and I am so pumped.  I would explain why winter is a better season but that is another post!  All you suckers out there,  I hope to see you with a nice Oktoberfest in your hand.

Good game, gents…now let’s look forward to football.

I have to congratulate the mighty men of the hardwood at THE Ohio State University. Getting to the final four is no easy task, and to be quite honest I did not expect this team to get there.  Sure they have the talent, but for one reason or another always seem to play down to their competition.  The Buckeyes made a great run through March, but fell just a bit short.  No matter really…I think Sullinger will probably leave.  I am holding out hope that D. Thomas returns.  If Thomas does return I think our basketball team will be even better next season.  Many will say, ‘What now, are you mad good sir?  How can the team be better without our first-team all american Jared Sullinger?!’  I say to those many that Sully is too lazy.  He was manhandled by that 7-foot monster for Kansas and has always had issues playing against tall lengthy centers.  I am tired of seeing him argue with the refs and slowly roll/plod down the court on a fast break.  SO, I bid farewell to Jared Sullinger, and I look forward to winning a national championship in basketball next year.

TO FOOTBALL!  We all know that THE Ohio State University is a football school.  Nothing gets me more excited than a Buckeye football game.  For those of you who have not had the great opportunity to sit within the Horseshoe on a brisk fall afternoon and watch the Buckeyes crush some poor hopeful opponent with 110,000 other Buckeye fans, you are indeed missing out.  Buckeye football truly is one of my greatest hobbies/pastimes/loves, and I absolutely cannot wait until April 21st to watch the Scarlet and Gray Spring Game.

Urban Meyer deserves his own paragraph.  I cannot wait to see what Urban is able to do with this team.  Just think, a head coach who believes that the offense is more important than the punt.  I can’t wait to see Urban’s version of the spread to be brought into the Horseshoe and run rampant on all Big Ten defenses.  I welcome you Urban Meyer, I know you already love the Buckeyes, but I think you will begin to feel even more at home come September.

I will leave you all with this fantastic Ohio State Spring Football Prospectus:

OH! – IO!